About us

Once upon a time ...

Everything started in 1985, being a carpenter specialized in wood frame house construction, I built a first cottage in 1994 for a fair-exhibition. It will be followed by a second three years later.

With my wife we had a job in contact with customers and the time of retirement came we decide to enlarge the land and build two new cottages, allowing us to accommodate up to 19 people from 2006. Follow a large indoor pool, 14 meters long by 6 wide, allowing families to relax and play water.

Since the beginning of the adventure, we are labeled "Key-Holidays" 2 keys. Out of season, we welcome colocation students and shift workers.

Our pleasure is to welcome and share with our vacationers pleasant moments and to make known our beautiful region.

See you soon !

Every Monday evening, we organize an aperitif with newcomers.